What is KosherPlease and what do you eat it with?

KosherPlease is a project that was created to merge all kosher facilities of the world. Moreover, not just merge into one database, but also make this database constantly updating, and the restaurants, their menu, hours of work, kashrut certificate etc, corresponds to the stated information.

For this, we have created a special call center in different languages including Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Hebrew, English, Russian and so on.

To keep this information up to date, during three months we call all kosher facilities of the world, and when we complete this process we immediately start the new one.

Why is there such a need to create the “KosherPlease” project?

Where did this idea come from?

You can come to a kosher restaurant in London, Paris, Venice or another place and it turns out that it’s already closed, moved to another place two months ago, closed for repairs half a year ago and so on, and you stay hungry. Offensive misunderstanding. In order to exclude such misunderstandings, to make life easier for people who eat kosher, the “KosherPlease” project was created.

With time we are planning to expand our services, to add Mikvahs, Synagogues, Judaica stores, kosher food stores and much more, in other words – everything you want, because this project was created for you.

Enjoy it. KosherPlease recommends.