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Our kosher production is operating since 1991, and the products have long been familiar to many Jewish communities and institutions in Russia and even neighboring countries, but kosher products are becoming increasingly popular among those who care about their health. “You are what you eat” is the main motto of those who want to eat healthy food, and in order to make these products more accessible in the spring of 2013, we opened a company store in the Maryina Roshcha area – 18 Oktyabrskaya Street. The range of natural products shop “Elion” gets only the best, proven products. Testing is performed by experienced kashrut specialists. In our store, our kosher products are widely represented at “from the manufacturer” prices. Daily deliveries of fresh meat, sausages and smoked foods allow healthy food lovers to always have what they like on hand. In addition to meat directly (lamb, beef, poultry), you can order minced meat from us, which will be made in your presence from those pieces that you choose. In addition to our main products – meat and meat products, we have a fish delicacies department, a grocery, a pastry shop, as well as a grill-bar-cafe where you can have a tasty barbecue, a hamburger or buy kosher sushi. All products in our store have a kosher certificate, which confirms their high quality and permits use in families where kashrut or halal are observed. Products that are certified kosher-parve are also lean, as they lack meat ingredients and animal fats. Before the holidays, the assortment of our store is replenished with traditional Jewish festive dishes. So, for example, in the days of Hanukkah, we always have fresh and hot donuts with different fillings, and before Purim and Yom Kippur we can buy crepes – dumplings with chicken meat. Speaking of semi-finished products, you can buy meat and fish patties, dumplings with beef, chicken or salmon, frozen pancakes with different fillings, which you can only fry or heat.