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Kosher store on Yevreyskaya is located in the heart of Odessa. Here you can find everything you need! Delicious sweets: marshmallows, chewing gums, waffle bars, candy, chocolates, ice cream. Unique dressings, seasonings and spices to your table. Dairy products: a large selection of premium oils, delicious cheeses and yogurts, sour cream, cream (both first and halav), milk (halav and isroel). Kosher meat: chicken, turkey, beef, offal, minced meat from different types of meat, sausages. Preparations for baking: different types of dough, pizza, convenience foods. Pasta and finished products: canned food, pastries, matzoh (according to the season). Cool drinks for the whole family. And if you need something stronger, then here you will not be denied: the store has a large selection of champagne, vodka, whiskey and wine. Hypoallergenic products for personal hygiene: pastes for adults and for children, cosmetics for the care of the body and face for women and for men, children’s cosmetics. Household chemicals. Besides, you can always buy here on Shabbat or holiday! Odessa’s Jewish community’s kosher shop has everything you need: tablecloths, disposable tablewares, baking tins, candles, candlesticks for Shabbos or Hanukkah, minorahs, Sabbath boards, belts for wearing keys, or why not decorate your house with excellent, proven mezuzah? In the store you will be met by friendly and responsive staff, who with great pleasure will advise and help you find everything that interests you. Information about the availability of goods or their receipt is available by phone. Our kosher store is waiting for you!